Missions Opportunity for Women

Tracy came the first evening with her hair in a ball cap because the community where she and her husband are planting a church had had no water for a week. Sue and Joy and their husbands run a rustic camp that serves as a base for a ministry that builds homes for the poor in Baja. Maria had brought her recently widowed sister-in-law who was not yet a believer. These are few of the women we came to bless two years ago at a Retreat directed by Karen Wilson for women in ministry in the areas around Ensenada, Rosarita, and Tijuana in Mexico. Every one of us felt humbled to serve them and came away as the ones who had been blessed.

This year KHC will again send a team of women to assist Karen in providing for the women of Baja at a retreat with the theme “Come to the Waters” on the weekend of Friday, October 3rd – Sunday, October 5th. We need women to join us in providing the “Room of Refreshment – More that a Spa” for these ladies. We will also be creating a lovely atmosphere and placing prayer stations around the grounds. Would you pray about coming along side of Karen for the weekend? We also need financial donations for spa supplies, decorating materials and paper goods. Contact Marie Constable for more information – 310-376-5824 or constable1999@juno.com

Posted by Marie Constable

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