KHC Haiti Team

Haiti Missions Team
October 31st – November 8th, King’s Harbor Church will have a team of people serving in Port Au Prince Haiti working alongside the Manassero family and their orphanage. The team will be serving through construction projects, medical outreach and ministry to the local community.

Please join in praying for the team:

Lucas& Alicia Simmons
David Wilson
Dan Bradford
Eddie & Alina Angora
Christopher Gooch
Andrew & Mimi Anderson
Sylvia Larrabee

Prayer Points for the team:

•    Physical & spiritual protection
•    Team unity
•    Leading of the Holy Spirit
•    Develop relationships with kids, staff, missionaries, team, community, etc.
•    Spiritual covering in a spiritually dark place
•    Open hearts & ears to God’s leading
•    Wisdom & discernment in decision making for the team
•    God’s Will would be done
•    The name of Jesus would be glorified

Daily blog updates available at

Our very own Pastor Dan Bradford!
Our very own Pastor Dan Bradford!

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