Hola from Puerto Escondido

It’s amazing how much time and thought goes into preparing to leave the country for 10 days.  On top of that, preparing to leave part of your family behind and making sure they are taken care of as well. It didn’t actually hit me that Jason and I were going to Puerto until I sat on the plane and we made our way above the clouds.  It came over me quickly and my heart was filled with gladness and great anticipation.

I’m not able to blog like I had hoped to as we don’t have internet access or cell service where we are staying at El Refugio.     But I confess, it’s rather nice to cruise around and need a cell phone on me.  🙂  

The team has been great and as these trips go, we are getting to know one another and becoming great friends.  How sweet it is to grow in friendship with those you serve with on a regular basis.  Jason’s been having a great time with his buddies Roman, Eden, Sarah and Sammy and also having fun getting to know the Jones kids and Gady and Jacson who stay at the Refuge.  It’s been an experience for him and each night he goes to bed facing fears of scorpions, cockroaches and other random critters.  Mom is also facing those fears, but he doesn’t know that.

As usual, I’m learning a lot through his experience.  It’s in these times when we are uncomfortable and not used to our surroundings that God shows us He is all we need.  We’ve had some good conversation about taking thoughts captive and letting God strengthen us and build courage in us.  

Yesterday we visited the Casa Hogar Nueva Vida, the orphanage that Mando and Myra serve.  The kids there are all so precious and work hard to keep their home running smoothly.  We begin work there tomorrow, laying concrete and repainting bedrooms.

If you are praying for us, pray as we begin the hard work tomorrow.  Pray it goes smoothly and that it will be a blessing to the family at Casa Hogar.  Pray for our team to continue growing together and for the safety and well being of everyone (especially the Drinkwards who are flying in tomorrow).  Pray for Mando and Myra as God continues to use them mightily in the lives of people here.  They truly belong here.  

Viva Con Dios!

One thought on “Hola from Puerto Escondido

  1. Dear Suzie and Jason, I imagine you will have many wonderful memories of this trip and all teh thing God shows you, especially victory over night critters! I would need that too! We all miss you in America, but know you are being used for His Kingdom. Have fun!! Love Joanie

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