Seeking Him

Putting myself in the shoes of the Pharisees, I question how many times we go along in life, under the assumption that we are seeking Him with all our hearts when indeed we are blinded by our blind spots and seeking things that may look like Him but are not Him at all.  Turns out, I’ve worn these shoes many times.

Over the weekend, a word of forgiveness, or unforgiveness, surfaced through the preaching of the Holy Scriptures.  What things that are held in our hearts that don’t allow room for Christ to swell in there?   Caused me to ponder… if I am experiencing the face-to-face presence of God (as described by our pastor’s revelation at the Wailing Wall), His presence in my life is because I have sought Him with all my heart. 

All my heart: in my waking, in my marriage, in my parenting, in my job, in my ministry, in my coaching, in my friendships, in my service, in my hopes, in my visions, in my prayers, in the quiet, in the noise, in my reading, in my listening, in my laying down, in my every day…every moment… all of my heart. 

If you are seeking Him with all your heart, then it would be impossible for His presence to NOT transform you.  If we are holding unforgiveness towards someone in our heart, then with all due respect… we need to ask the question… are we really seeking Him with all our heart? 

Those who truly experience the forgiveness and grace of Christ crucified cannot bear to have room for unforgiveness.  It may take hold, but it shouldn’t find a way to get comfortable.  But even more a heart that has experienced divine grace and mercy has an urgency to let go and extend that same grace and forgiveness to those around them.

Let us not be like the Pharisees who deep down in the pits of their souls knew who Jesus was, but still because of their pride and need for power and fame turned away and didn’t even begin to comprehend what it could mean to seek Him with all their hearts.   I know I have some junk in my heart that holds me back from seek Him with all my heart.  If you do as well… would you join me in prayer?  Let’s ask God to show us those dark places lurking in our hearts that keep us from experiencing the full presence of God in every moment of every day.  Let’s ask Him to purge them out of us so that we can be filled with Him and then be poured out as living water.

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