When My Heart is Overwhelmed

On Monday night, those of us who gathered for Refuge were able to study Psalm 18 together.  We studied God from the perspective of the might king David who gave us an account of toils and troubles that God delivered him from.  There is a verse in the middle of the Psalm that appears as a hinge:

“THIS GOD – his way is perfect, the word of the LORD proves TRUE; he is a shield for those who all those who take refuge in him.” 

David was able to see God’s hand pluck him from the hands of his enemies, redeem him from the depths of his depravity, knowing full well that it was THIS God… not any other gods he may have placed before HIM from time to time…THIS God who he loved, THIS God who delighted in him and THIS God who got the glory for all the good things that have occurred in his lifetime and in generations to come. 

Today, I watched this sermon from Britt Merrick, Pastor of Reality Carpinteria spoken just days after discovering his 5-year-old daughter Daisy has cancer.  He quotes another of David’s Psalms and speaks from his heart how one finds refuge in God Almighty when one’s heart is overwhelmed.  It’s powerful, heart wrenching and may cause you to pause and question your alignment with Christ today.  If you would like to pray with the Merrick family, you can stay updated with their blog.

Today, may you find your refuge in Jesus.  May you know how much he delights in you.  May you know that His ways are perfect, His word is true and that He has fought for you and stands with you right where you are.

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