New Bible Study! “Pleasing God” by Kay Smith

With so many options in our daily life, how do we know which choice to make?  How do you go about choosing? Do you feel overwhelmed by thoughts like “Is what I am doing right or wrong?” or “is this how I should be spending my time?”.  What if all your decisions were governed by one simple question: Does This Please God?

In Pleasing God, Kay Smith exhorts and encourages women to think of God first and to live with His pleasure uppermost in mind. Kay has a candid, humorous, firm, but also compassionate style that captivates the reader to move into action.

This beloved teacher reveals the secret to a simplified life, living it as a fragrant offering to God. Learn how to put sin in its place, yield to the Holy Spirit, praise God through trials, and offer Him even the smallest part of your life as an act of worship. You’ve been given one life. The choice of what you do with it belongs to you. You can live it unto yourself, pursuing your own pleasure, or you can offer it back to the One who breathed life into you, redeemed you from hell, and gave you the promise of heaven.

Join Norma Cano in this journey of finding God’s Purpose for our lives instead of taking our plan and fitting it into God’s plan.
Thursdays 7-9PM beginning December 3rd in El Segundo.  Contact Norma for directions:

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