Retreat: What to Bring, etc..

Dear Sister,

As our retreat is quickly approaching, we have been praying diligently for you…that God would prepare you for a weekend away to enjoy His presence as He refreshes and nourishes your soul.

Here are some last minute reminders as well as some information you’ll need before our weekend away:

Check in begins at 4pm in the Hospitality Room (located near the main lobby).  We encourage you to carpool with other women, if you need help finding someone to ride with or have room in your car for others, please contact Nicola Lott (310-200-4624 or According to, Calvary Chapel Conference Center is about 86 miles from Torrance.  Please allow 2 hours of drive time, keeping Friday traffic in mind and do be sure to park your car on campus for safety reasons.

Should you arrive at the conference center earlier than 4pm, the book store will be open and there is a fabulous coffee house on campus that opens at 3pm.  Dinner will be served at 7pm and our first session begins at 8:15pm.

Here, you will find directions to Calvary Chapel Conference Center.  You can also find a map of the facility and photos of the conference center are available at  You can expect weather conditions to be much like they are here at home.  For up to date forecasts, please visit

Remember that all the rooms have one set of bed and bath linens provided for you.  But please bring the following

  • Bible
  • Pens
  • Journal for your solitude time and notes (if you wish)
  • Toiletries
  • One piece bathing suit & beach towel (facility requirement)
  • Clothing, necessary equipment and accessories should you choose to play volleyball or tennis
  • A gift (see below for details)

With the exception of water, Calvary Chapel Conference center does not allow food or drink in any of our rooms except the lodge lobbies, dining areas and coffee house.  If you have special circumstances requiring you to bring your own snacks or food, please contact Annie Chase (310-376-6555 ext. 107 or ASAP so we can make accommodations for you.

There are a number of choices for free time activities with hope of cultivating community among our women.  The Conference Center has amenities such as a swimming pool, hot springs, tennis courts, library, pool tables and a great book store.

Finally, for those of you who are retreat “alumni,” you are aware of our tradition of bringing a giftThis year, we plan to do things a little differently.  In the next few days, you will be receiving the name of another woman who will also be attending the retreat.  Your gift to her will be to pray for her over the next days leading up to the retreat.  In addition, please bring her a note of encouragement and blessing along with 1 to 3 scriptures that God gives you for her.  The scriptures should be on 3×5 index cards (we will have extras at registration for those who need them) and enclosed in an envelope.  At some point during the weekend, our hope is that you will meet this woman and be able to connect with her and present her with your gift.  Hopefully, this will be a fun and edifying thing and gives us an opportunity to pray for and bless one another.

Again, thank you for planning to come.  We are praying that our time will be filled with life-giving conversation, quiet moments with the Savior that will bless your soul along with worship that will give you rest at His feet. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

 May the Lord bless you as He prepares your heart this week.

Suzie Lind                                                         Victory Ludwig

Women’s Ministries Director                         Retreat Coordinator

310.376.6555 ext. 106                                    310.990.8088                        

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