Stomping through Life by Helen Evans

I have to admit it. Throughout my life I have been one who has acted before thinking, one who has talked without considering the consequences. You get it – a reactor who is so bent on protecting herself that she goes to extreme means to keep herself safe. This came about through much practice. Unsafe issues in my childhood, on my own at 18, unprepared for life, taken advantage of by others, all of these had allowed me to develop a pretty thick skin. A porcupine had nothing on me, nor did a rhino for that matter. My skin was pretty thick, but my heart was pretty scared and vulnerable. I had a favorite weapon for both offensive and defensive tactics; one that could scare the wits out of someone who might try to hurt me. No more, would I allow myself to be hurt. This persona seemed to work well, but I couldn’t see the aftermaths. Think of King Kong in New York City. Do you think he ever looked around and thought: my goodness didn’t this place use to be neater? Why are all these buildings down and people on the ground? In the midst of trying to protect myself, I had unwittingly caused much damage to those around me, especially, ones I dearly loved by my tactics. Sarcasm was used as a wicked sword; even Luke Skywalker was not as adept. I was always ready to whack. Fortunately, a gracious and good God kept me from utterly destroying myself or others. He did not let me off though (darn); instead he kept placing me in situations where I could not stomp freely without making a mess of my life or others’ lives.

God allowed me to see my choice in the matter. Here’s the scenario: I have the sword in my hand again. I want to strike out – take care of business, so to speak, but each time I do, I destroy the very foundations that God is trying to build on. My mouth, my thoughts, my actions have a natural bent to destroy, instead of building. As I come to this place where I have a situation that I think warrants the sword, I need to remember King David’s choice. As he stands before his sleeping enemy, King Saul, David foregoes an opportunity to eliminate permanently his enemy. WOW! A no brainer, right? Perhaps all of the times that Saul had tried to kill him taunts David’s mind; now right before him is his opportunity to take one giant whack at that man who has made him miserable for years. He has been on the run, has slept in caves, has eaten wild plants and bugs, and had to feign craziness at one point to survive. What would you do? I would whack Saul, but David refuses.  Even when his men urge him to see this opportunity as God’s way of delivering him from his enemy, David refrains. He says, “No, he will not harm God’s anointed.” But, God’s anointed was crazy, God’s anointed was evil, God’s anointed was ruthless, deceitful, etc. Yes, he was all those things, yet he was God’s anointed and David respected this. David also knew that his sword belonged in God’s hands, not his. He trusted God so much that he could return the sword to his enemy. What? Give it back to the enemy so that he can hurt him? Why would anyone do this? David saw that he was in God’s providential hands, and he acknowledged that Saul could do nothing to him apart from God. You see, God is in control of our enemies. David’s trust allowed God to take care of the situation.

Have you transferred your sword – your intent to act rashly or inappropriately to the Lord? Take a moment and imagine having a sword in your hands, now give it a name – whatever the issue is – name it, and now as an act of pure faith, transfer the sword to the Lord and refrain from doing what you were going to do. Refrain from sinning with your mouth, feet, or hands. You can trust God to work out this situation. You do not need to slice your enemy (the issue) in pieces. God is able to handle this without your interference. In fact, God has bigger plans than you do, and His plans are to bless and to give you a future and a hope. Will you trust God to act faithfully and righteously in your situation?

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