Why We Do What We Do

The Mother’s of Preschoolers group held their last meeting of the year today at King’s Harbor Church.  Traditionally, this meeting is called “Tea and Testimony.”  An opportunity is given to thank those who have served faithfully and also for women to share their experience and tell what God has done in and through the group.

It seems most of us moms struggle from time to time in our roles as moms.  Either we feel we are “just” moms who do very little outside the home, or we struggle with “having” to work to provide for our families and therefore struggle with guilt of not being there enough or doing enough. Either way, we question the significance of what we are doing and see very little immediate fruit for our labor.

Today’s tea and testimony was evidence that mothering really and truly does matter.  One woman tearfully thanked the group for their friendship, support and encouragement since her husband was not a Christ-follower. She went on to share how in the past few months, her husband has been praying with and for her, despite his unbelief.  He says he wants to know and understand this God that she loves so much.There are men who have been Christians their whole lives who have a hard time praying for their wives and yet this one is responding to the way his wife loves God and the way she loves Him.

Another woman testified that when going through a difficult time financially, her husband encouraged her to “pray, since she believes so much that prayer works.”  Pray she did and shortly there after a group of women from MOPS provided her with hundreds of dollars in gift cards, diapers and other necessities to help pull them through their desert. His broken response to his wife: “This is why God made Church.”

Other women reflected on the crafts they made: blankets for a home for pregnant women needing help getting on their feet, journals for military wives, donations to the pregnancy help center.  These were more than just crafts, they were offerings of love, making eternal impact on other people’s lives.

As I listened to these stories, I was reminded of Ephesians 3:10-11:

His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, according to his eternal purpose which he accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.

God is using these women when they may have thought they were just coming to a gathering of moms to get a break from their kids and have a few quiet moments with friends.  God is using their love for their husbands, their love for their children and their love for others to make an eternal difference in other people’s lives.

When we gather in the name of Jesus, we are being the Church. And yes, this is why God made the Church. These Moms of Preschoolers reminded me today how each of us has a little part in God’s Kingdom through our obedience and following of Jesus.

If you feel like you are “just…,”  know that where ever God has you planted, if you are truly planted in the center of His will, He is using you. You may not see it, but He does.

How have you seen the Church in action lately?

2 thoughts on “Why We Do What We Do

  1. i am so sorry i missed it! my group: minnie, sienna, jill, michelle, anita and carolyn was just what I needed in what continues to be a difficult season for me. their encouragement, love, prayer and sincere love were palpable to me. i know i can reach out to any of these women at any time. i continue to pray for the day when i can call or contact each of them and tell them that God’s vision for me/my household has just happened!

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