Refuge: The Search for Significance

Last Monday night, the women at Refuge had the privilege of hearing from a true saint.  Betty Warnholz has been a member of King’s Harbor Church since before many of us had even heard of King’s Harbor Church!  If you’ve never read up on our history as a community, you should read this page on our website that Betty actually wrote for us.

Our study last Monday was on Ecclesiastes, so I invited Betty to share her wisdom who like Solomon in Ecclesiastes, is learning what it means to finish well. She is someone who has lived a long time and seen a lot of things and has found what is most significant.  Betty is 95 years old and has lived through wars, the Great Depression, she’s seen revival, experienced, life, love and death.  She is a friend to many in addition to being a loved mom and grandma.  In our search for significance through the eyes of Solomon, we first got a peek through the eyes of Betty, a woman who loves the Lord with all her heart, soul mind and strength.

When asked what she has found to be most significant, she said (paraphrased), “Knowing Jesus, knowing what you believe and loving others.”  She expressed to us in a most serious tone, that God did not suggest that we love others, but He commands it.  Her desire at this point is that when she goes home to Jesus, that she would not have any hate in her heart.  Take a moment to wrap your mind around that.

That’s just a taste of what a treat it was to hear from Betty.  We encourage you to take a listen using the link below.

What did you take away from Betty’s wisdom?


Click on the following link to listen to the audio

Refuge 5.10.10

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