Refuge: Tunnel Vision

In the face of trials and suffering, our vision as humans tends to narrow and cause us to question where God is and Who He is in midst of our pain. Habakkuk is a collection of one man’s conversations with God. He questions, he doubts and ultimately places his trust in the One who holds the future. Like Habakkuk, we tend to view the world and our circumstances through our own limited vision. Yet the Scriptures tell us we serve a God who has an unlimited scope of the future and is faithful to His promises to keep our best interest in heart.

Refuge is a drop-in/stand-alone time of Bible study, fellowship and worship.  Each month will have a theme that goes along with our reading in The Timeless Relevance of God’s Word.  In our time together, we engage in the Scriptures, affirming its sanctity and relevance in our lives.  We take our refuge in the One true God, approaching Him with a sense of awe, appreciating that we stand in the presence of something holy and realizing that we will be transformed. Refuge is where we emphasize discipleship and set the table for these relationships to develop and be nurtured.

Monday, July 12th


In the Worship Center

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