Refuge: The Harvest

Tucked in towards the end of John 4, there is this little part when the disciples come back to find Jesus at the well talking with a woman at the well. The woman, one thought to be an unlikely candidate to have a private conversation with Jesus, leaves the disciples surprised and perhaps thinking starvation was getting the best of him. What Jesus tells them, is that his sustenance, His food, His nourishment, His satisfaction is only coming from doing the will of the Father.

Are you satisfied with where God has you?

Are you doing the will of the Father?

What does that even look like?

Jesus told the disciples, the fields are ripe for harvest, so why should they wait to reap what has been sown for them?

Where do you find yourself in the story? Are you waiting to reap in the future? Waiting to find out what God’s will is for your life?

Or are you like the woman, who can hardly wait to go and reap what has been sown for her?

“Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Christ?”

Join us at King’s Harbor Church

Monday night, October 11th

Refuge: The Harvest

7pm to 9pm

One thought on “Refuge: The Harvest

  1. I agree…the fields are white for harvest!!! I only wish there were more people out there available and ready to help walk ladies thru the difficult things in their lives so they can be ALL that God made them to be.

    If anyone out there is holding back…PLEASE consider letting God use you in the hurting places of each other’s lives. Now & then it may get messy…but at the end of our lives, we will NEVER regret investing in someone’s eternal destiny!

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