Hedged In

The following is a post from Johanne Borum. Johanne serves as one of our mentor moms at MOPS on Thursday mornings. She is a  lovely wife, mom, care-giver to her mom, grandma, encourager, singer-song writer and more importantly, beloved child of God. Today she shares with us what God impressed upon her this week.

I prayed last night that God would help me get up to walk this morning, and He did.  As I stepped outside (5:20 a.m.), I saw that it was very foggy.  As soon as I turned the corner, I noticed that I could only see about 1/3 block ahead of me.  The streets were wet and everything was quiet and subdued – even when an occasional car went up Torrance Blvd.

I had been praying about something and then started wondering where that verse is that talks about God hemming us in (I looked it up just a few minutes ago and saw that it’s in Job 1:10, where Satan is accusing God, saying that of course Job would praise God, since God had put a hedge around Job on every side).

Because of the fog, I felt as though I were in a special bubble of privacy with my Lord, with no one to look at, see, or hear me.  The fog also kept me from being distracted (as I usually am) by the sights and sounds around me –the beautiful stars & moon, the slowly blooming dawn, cats, houses, flowers, trees, people leaving for work.  I was completely focused on God.  This bubble felt so close and intimate.

I started to thank God for having hemmed (hedged) me in all my life and, as I looked down at the ground, I suddenly saw a pale arc of light over and down both sides of the faint shadow of the upper half of my body.  As I continued walking, the arc moved to beneath my feet and up both sides of my shadow.  Had both halves of the arc shown at the same time, my shadow would have been completely within a circle of light.  It was as though God was confirming to me that, indeed, He has me well hedged all around, and He was giving me that visual to illustrate it for me.  With almost every street light I passed I saw this arc of light surrounding me slowly as I walked, as if God were saying, “No matter where you move, I’m still here with you, still surrounding you with My arms.”  Isn’t He awesome to use the reflection of light through fog onto wet streets to confirm His constant presence in my life?  God is so good!

In His joy,



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