Why Retreat?

As I’ve been chatting with women lately about what they are looking forward to most about the retreat, the answers have been somewhat surprising.

It doesn’t seem to be important to a lot of people who the speaker (or speakers in our case) will be or even the theme. What seems to matter most is the time away to spend with God and friends.

Not that we’re running away, avoiding life, or going into hiding… but rather, setting aside an extraordinary amount of time to do something for the sake of our souls. To have 48 hours when our eyes can be fixed on Jesus and the community He has placed us in.

I’m always so excited by the women who decide to come when they are new to the church and don’t know anyone. My prayer is that each of you will feel a sense of connection to someone before you leave.

So if you’re still considering going, we still have room… come be with us but mostly come be with Jesus. Come enjoy a couple of days of being unhurried. Come enjoy two nights of not thinking about what to cook. Come and feast without having to do dishes. Come and have a conversation without being interrupted. Come and spend as much time as you want with the King of Kings without having to leave for another appointment.

To register, click here.

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