Veggie Meals, Rides and the Greatness of God (Not necessarily in that order)

Hey There Sisters,

I’d love to do an informal poll to answer this question:

If you prepare meals in advance for your family while you are gone, do they actually eat them?

Personally, I have found such efforts to be futile because whenever I get home from retreat I see my neat little containers still full and ready to be devoured in the fridge. And yet… In n Out and Papa John’s Pizza have seen a spike in business at least from this family.  Do you stress out about leaving your family, your pets or your work behind? Let’s trust God for his greatness in those things as well. There is a blessing for every one next weekend!

Are you in need of a ride to the retreat? Are you able to give a ride to anyone? If so, please let our lovely transportation coordinator know by emailing Cherish: Also, calling all vegetarians: please let me know before Tuesday if you’ll be needing vegetarian meals. Thanks to those who have already responded.

If you are following along with the 2011 reading plan, we are being led through Psalm 119 very slowly and delightfully this week. Yesterday, the assignment was to read 119: 65-96. As we lay the foundation for our year of becoming “rooted,” do you see the attributes of God listed through these verses?

Vs. 68: You are good, and do good

Vs. 73: Your hands have made and fashioned me

Vs. 75: Your rules are righteous in faithfulness you have afflicted me

Vs. 76: Your steadfast love

Vs 77: Let your mercy comfort me

Vs. 89: Forever, O Lord your word is firmly fixed in the heavens

Vs. 90: Your faithfulness endures to all generations

These are words we can count on! These are promises we can keep in mind as we make our requests known to God, as we praise Him in the morning and the evening, as we give thanks to Him in everything. Please allow me to encourage you in whatever it is you are reading in His Word this week… look for what it says about how great your God is. Allow that to sink into your mind so that it would be renewed and you will become transformed.

If you know anyone else who would like to join us next weekend, we still have some spots available. If you missed any of our previous updates, you can catch up on

In His Great Love,

Suzie Lind

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