8 Days and Counting

The greatness of God is often displayed through His people. Acts of love, kindness and gentleness from one person to another is one way God shows His people just how great He is.

Of course one of the reasons why we have a women’s retreat is so we can enjoy the greatness of God through people.  By now, you should have received the name of the woman you can pray for before the retreat.  In years past we would traditionally bring a little something (like a journal or a mug) for a gift exchange to help facilitate getting to know each other. But thankfully these economic times have pushed us into a far better gift to bring… the gift of ourselves and the Word of God. So, as you receive the name of your person, say a prayer for them as they come to mind. Ask God to give you just a few words to jot down in a note of encouragement to them. It doesn’t have to be a long or perfectly eloquent thing… be yourself… speak from your heart.

Some of you are coming to this retreat without really knowing anyone.  Some of you are new to our community and I hope and pray next weekend will leave you feeling welcomed to a place where you can belong.

So as you think about the retreat coming up, join me in praying we would be a body of women who are warm and welcoming to one another. Pray our walls would come down so we can be open to new friendships and the deepening of existing ones. Pray every woman feels welcome and ask God to give you eyes to see when someone needs a look, a hug, or a word of encouragement. Let us endeavor to be representatives of this Great God to one another.

From my heart to yours,

Suzie Lind

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