Refuge: Real Relationships

In light of our current series on relationships, we thought it would be fun and edifying to hear how the other half thinks. We’ve invited a panel of well-respected men in our church to join us for a conversation on relationships. We hope to have all walks of life represented from married, single, divorced, younger and… more seasoned. The evening will be hosted by our own fabulous Taylor and we’ll have some sweets and coffee for you to enjoy.

Join us next Monday, June 13th
7pm in the Sanctuary

It would help us tremendously if you would submit some questions having to do with dating, marriage, parenting, dealing with parents as an adult, work… refer to Ephesians 5 for a prompting.

Please leave your question in the comment section (you can choose to stay anonymous if you wish) and we’ll compile them all the night of.

For information on this event and any other upcoming opportunities for women at KHC, please contact Annie Chase,

3 thoughts on “Refuge: Real Relationships

  1. I fly back in town THIS NIGHT at 9:30pm! 😦 I am so extremely disappointed to miss it. Will you guys please record the event?

    ~Julie Partin

  2. I am wondering how wives are supposed to switch from being the head of the house to being under submission to their husband? In my situation my husband is gone for weeks some months and then back again. The adjustment for myself and the girls is very difficult. It’s also hard for my husband, being used to being all alone and then coming home to 3 needy girls who really depend on him being in control when he is home. It’s not an ideal situation and is very new to us with his new job.

  3. am i supposed to fill the void when my husband chooses not to lead? if i don’t initiate prayer and Bible reading in our home, it doesn’t happen. but as long as i keep initiating it, my husband probably won’t. long sigh.

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