Men’s Fraternity {A note to women}

This morning my husband came home from Men’s Fraternity and shared with me that 120 men showed up for the first day. I was so excited, not just for the men who were able to go but also for the all those will benefit from the fruit of what God is about to do in the hearts of these men.

I can tell you first hand, when my husband went through the first year of Men’s Fraternity a lot changed. Honestly, the entire course of our family probably changed, but it wasn’t necessarily an easy thing. So, today I was led to post some thoughts but more importantly some ways that you can be praying if your husband, father, brother, friend, boyfriend or friend with potential is going to Men’s Fraternity. And if he didn’t make it today, there is still time to join (Wednesday mornings at 6:15am), so if you can help him get there… Do it. It’s worth it.

So here are my prayer recommendations as you pray for the men:

1. Pray that he gets up and goes. Hey, that’s half the battle for most of us when we have to get up that early.

2. Pray he doesn’t feel like a loser. Because that is a lie from the pit of Hell. Sometimes God has to pull out our junk and make us look straight at our wounds and our sin before we realize what needs to change and that does not feel good. We are all broken and sinful people who need a savior to make us whole. Jesus chose to die for you and that man you are praying for, so that is evidence that he is not in fact a loser but someone worth dying for.

3. He may have to think about and deal with some really hard stuff and frankly, he probably would rather not, so pray he has courage and can find his refuge in Jesus through it.

4. He is going to want to become a better servant and leader so pray for grace to abound and pray for God to give you a soft heart and a willingness to be led.

5. Pray for God to show you how to encourage him.

6. Pray for the men at his table and pray for friendships to evolve and grow.

7. Pray for Pastor Chris because teaching this isn’t easy and neither is living it out… even if you chase whales in your free time.

8. God desires to use these men to bring about His purposes. Pray that where ever their spheres of influence may be, God’s love and glory would be revealed.

9. Men’s Fraternity is a study on Biblical Manhood. To that end, pray the Word of God would dwell in them richly so when they are met with the temptations of this world, the Word and Spirit would rise up within them and help them resist.

10. Give thanks, because it’s tough being a real man and these dudes want to get it done. And in this world, that is only something God can do.

One thought on “Men’s Fraternity {A note to women}

  1. Suzi, Thank you so much. I am praying and will continue to pray. All the stuff they will learn about cannot be easy to absorb or live out in our culture with so many things pulling on them and trying to distract them. But I know God is greater and He “began” a work in all of us and I know He will finish it. It may not feel good and even bring out lots of pain but His plans are for good.

    Thanks for sharing!

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