Jesus, Jack Hayford, You and Me

My biggest take-away-transformation-life application thing from the weekend…

I want to spend more time simply praising God.

Pastor Jack said, just go and relax and start praising the Lord.

When I get time to be alone with Jesus, I immediately go to the Word and then I pray but I don’t just sit and praise… nothing but praise.  I don’t feel condemned but inspired and encouraged to do so.  I haven’t yet, but I will.   I want to be open to all that God has for me.  And let it begin with praise.

Okay, your turn. Go.

2 thoughts on “Jesus, Jack Hayford, You and Me

  1. My take away was that we should never close our minds, hearts, or spirits to what God may want to give us. First we have to open up to what we know to do. Prayer, worship. Then we need to make sure that we aren’t stuffing God into the box that we have shaped, but instead allow Him to shape us into what He needs us to be in the body. If that shaping adds something to us that we weren’t expecting, well, it’s God. He’ll prepare our hearts and minds to accept whatever that maybe, including things that we may not have been taught to accept.

  2. When we are so in love with Jesus and living the crucified life and DAILY eating the Bread of Life and Drinking the Living Water, and not from other empty wells that dont satisfy, if we are feasting at the Lords Table and not eating crumbs off the floor and truly ABIDING in Him and MOST OF ALL truly believing HE is the Sovereign God who sits above the circle of the earth and sees our entire life from beginning to end, we WILL walk in the paths He has chosen for us. We WILL sit in our prayer closet and truly dwell in the secret place of the most high God and rise above our circumstances without stress, fear or anxiety becaue we know His character and nature , and HE WILL be our all in all and HE WILL fill us with all that He is so we will hunger for NOTHING else but to praise Him in all the ways He has provided. Glory to the Name of Jesus!!!!

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