Women’s Retreat: It is Well

I love this time of year.  Christmas is behind us and everyone is excited about the possibilities of a new year.  Facebook posts indicate you are cleaning up Christmas, setting new goals, hopeful about what God may have for you in the coming year.

There is no better way to begin the year than by getting away for a couple of days to reflect, worship, be in the Word and among women.  I shared this weekend at church the word that keeps coming to mind is “care.”

We so badly want you to know how much we care for you as a woman…

We care about you being intentional and filled with the sufficiency of Christ.

We care about your ability to take time away from the noise and hectic pace of life to be with Jesus.

We care about you being able to say, “It is well,” and really really mean it with all sincerity of heart.

We care about you connecting with other women not just for fellowship but because we believe every woman needs other women to speak into her life.

We think you may need time alone with the living God… besides in the bathroom.

We know you are busy. We know you take care of many other people and things and need to be filled.  Filled with the Spirit. Filled with the Word. Filled with the joy that comes from being with women.

If you are not a “women’s retreat type of person,” you will be in good company.  We strive to offer you something you can’t get anywhere else, on any other weekend.

If you don’t like being around women who cry… I can’t do anything about that.  But they are often tears of joy, tears of relief… and it’s just water. It won’t hurt you. 🙂

The people you leave behind may struggle a bit without you, but it’s okay. They will be okay.  In fact, they will be better off in the long run because you went.

This is your retreat… come, receive, give, pour out to the Lord and be filled up.

Register now by clicking here.  We’ll take your deposit and you can pay the balance later.  If you need help getting there, let us know.

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