Retreat Countdown – Day 6

Dear Friends,

Today, January 6th is a day known as Epiphany.  It’s a day that many Christians around the world celebrate the revelation of God the Son as a human being in Christ Jesus and the visitation of the Magi (the 3 wise men to the Baby Jesus).

I read this today on a favorite blog:

Epiphany, it means “the manifestation of God.”

Where did the God-Child reveal Himself but in the barn and this is the grace: Our God manifests Himself in our mangers and muck, our mundane and mess.

Ours is the God manifesting Himself in the unlikely and unbearable, in the surprise and the second-chance. The God Who bears the burdens and brings the hope.

And when what we really needs is an Epiphany in all the dark — doesn’t the epiphany begin simply by seeing the light of God everywhere?

Next weekend we retreat in hopes of enjoying the manifestation of God.  Amazing but true, God often uses people like you and I to make Himself known to others.  As you prepare to retreat, consider, think about and pray… How will He use you?  How will we spur one another on to love and good deeds?

When 250 women gather, you can expect there will be women just like you and some who will be different.  Different places in your relationship with God, maturity, where we’ve come from, how we’ve lived life, how we’ve been loved, how we’ve been wounded and how we see life.  But one thing is for sure.

We are all going because we long for Jesus.  We believe or need to believe He is among us.

Take a few moments after reading this and pray for our time together.  Pray He will be seen through our fellowship, through our serving of one another and heard through the words spoken among us.  Pray that God would give you boldness and courage to minister to other women.  Remember, this is your retreat.

In Him, for You,


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