Women’s Welcome Dessert

A few times a year we hold one of the best gatherings ever… yes… ever. I love this night because women who hardly know a soul at King’s Harbor Church walk in the door of a very warm and welcoming home and they leave feeling like they’ve made a few friends.

The next Women’s Welcome Dessert is next Monday, February 6th from 7pm to 9pm at the home of Debi Leach.  If you are new or not yet connected to the women at King’s Harbor Church, please consider coming.  Also, if you’ve been around a while, we would LOVE for you to join us because the new women need to meet some people who have been around a while.  In fact, Debi stood up today in Mom’s United and made an announcement that after 8 years of attending she went to the last one and had a blast.

And look…  now she’s having it at her house!

We promise not to make you host next time if you don’t want to… but please come!  It will be fun!

Women’s Welcome Dessert

Monday, February 6th


Please contact Lynn Farr at LynnFarr@kingsharbor.org to RSVP and get directions to Debi’s home.

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