Royal Family Kids Camp

Today is the last day to turn in applications for Royal Family Kids Camp. If you’re on the fence, allow us to gently nudge you off. If you know you can’t go (and there is no way we can or should all go) then please join us in becoming a force of prayer for the Kingdom of God.

The mission of Royal Family Kids Camp is to create positive memories for abused and neglected children ages 7-11, in a one-week camp experience.

Their vision is to serve 100,000 foster children annually by the year 2030.

Their strategy is to mobilize local churches to sponsor a one-week camp in their local community.

Our camp is July 8-13 and we will be taking approximatly 80 adult volunteers and 50 children.

This year we are having difficulty getting enough kids for camp. We know there are over 7,000 foster children in the Torrance area. The trouble comes in getting the parents and social workers interested in filling out another form. Foster parents are always asked to fill out forms and attend meetings. However, this camp gives them a one week break and it is free for the foster family.

We have contact with social workers and organizations who currently have the applications. We have also sent applications to the returning campers from last year.

Pray that the applications will be sent back to the church office and we will get enough campers.

We know there are plenty of kids we just have to reach them.

If you see Charlie and Esther, our camp directors, or anyone else going to camp, give them a hug and remind them you’ve got their backs. It encourages them.


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