Communicating in Life’s Most Important Relationships

Last Monday night, women came in their very best and most cozy pajamas to encourage one another to be better communicators…more loving, listening, compassionate and gracious with those we care about. There was talk about relationships between a husband and wife, co-workers, parents and children, girlfriend to boyfriend and friend to friend…the whole gamut. Our panel from the Women’s Care Team were on hand to answer questions however some of them didn’t get answered. We’ve decided to post some of the unanswered questions in hopes of continuing this dialogue here in our on-line community. Please feel free to leave a comment to join the conversation!

Q: What does it take to change from being a nagger and a complainer?

A: If we could get ourselves to stop nagging and complaining for a month, that would be great and everyone around us would be a lot happier, I am sure, but we would still be a nagger and complainer at heart. We stopped the behavior yet our hearts are still far from pleasing God. What we truly need is a transformed heart – we need a grateful and encouraging heart instead. This can only happen when we surrender to the Holy Spirit and look to God’s Word for guidance. Instead of a nagging, complaining heart, let’s be surrendered to the Lord God who is changing us day by day, let’s be willing to allow Him to change our hearts to grateful, encouraging ones who give life and blessing to its hearers. I know I simplified the answer a bit, but I want to encourage women to see this as a heart issue. When our hearts are right before God, it is easier to align our behavior into actions which please Him.

Answer # 2:

What has worked for me grandly from saving us both from enjoying some peace most of the time is I write a li’l love note of honey dos and just plop it on his desk…priorities first! He loves lists as a lot of men do so he is quite happy crossing off stuff and feeling of accomplishments follow. But daily I have to watch out for a complaining spirit and bring myself back to “where is my focus and source?” It always comes back to, “It’s all about HIM”……….”

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