Introducing MOMs, INC

For several years, King’s Harbor Church has ministered to mother’s of preschoolers alongside the amazing organization MOPS International.  After much prayer and consideration, we have decided to begin our ministries to Moms in this precious life stage this year using our own resources.  There is no reason other than the stewardship of our resources that has led to this decision.  Since we are no longer affiliated with MOPS, we had to come up with our own name, so we are pleased to introduce you to MOMs INC!

MOMs INC. stands for Making Our Mark In the Name of Christ.

Here is our mission statement:

We are a community designed to help equip and refresh mothers of young children based on truths from the Word of God. Our group is focused on moms with children ages 0-5. We meet twice a month, to enjoy a brunch and time in the Word relating to topics of common struggle.

Our purpose at MOMs, INC is not only to help moms become confident and capable but to teach them to see the sanctification process that occurs through motherhood. We are exploring how to leave a legacy of faith & we have fun doing it. We believe that no one should mother alone and thus, spend significant time building community and friendships. Each small group has 2 leaders, one experienced mentor mom and one peer that is actively growing in her walk with the Lord.

You can register beginning this weekend at Church or on August 27th by clicking here.  Please email Katie Landers at for registration information.  For all other information about MOMs, INC contact Carol Marks at

Please note, you will need to register yourself and your children.  Please let us know if you need any assistance!

If you have children between the ages of 5 and 18, be sure to check out Moms United as well!

If you have passed through this season of life, we are looking for more mentor moms.  Consider joining us to share your encouragement and wisdom from your experience.  Please contact Suzie Lind at if you would like to be considered.

Motherhood should never be lived alone!

3 thoughts on “Introducing MOMs, INC

  1. This is such an awesome ministry. When my kids were under 5, I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through without a body of women around me ministering to, encouraging and discipling me!

  2. Amen Exciting!

    I LOVE LIVING ALONE! Just moved into my own place on Sunday…

    thank you for the push to do so…



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