Communicating in Life’s Most Important Relationships II

This month at Refuge, women came in their very best and most cozy pajamas to encourage one another to be better communicators…more loving, listening, compassionate and gracious with those we care about. There was talk about relationships between a husband and wife, co-workers, parents and children, girlfriend to boyfriend and friend to friend…the whole gamut. Our panel from the Women’s Care Team were on hand to answer questions however some of them didn’t get answered. We’ve decided to post some of the unanswered questions in hopes of continuing this dialogue here in our on-line community. Please feel free to leave a comment to join the conversation!


Q: I’m a single mom of two teenagers.  When they go to their dad’s house, the only way they communicate with me is via text.  This is really hard for me.  What’s the best way for me to handle this?


A: Teenagers are in a highly selfish point of their development.  It’s good to tell your daughters how you feel while modeling to them the importance of good communication with those you love.  Let them know what your expectations of them are, and ask what are their expectations for you.  If dad has them only 50% of the time then mom must have them the other 50%.   Ask yourself, are you texting a reasonable amount while allowing them to be with their dad? They need time with their father and both parents need to respect the time each has with the kids.   Some questions are difficult to answer without asking other questions…so if the heart of your question isn’t being answered, we want to encourage you to talk further about it with someone.  Above all, it is about what is best for the children, every mom, especially one in this situation needs a group of women to support and love her  to help through this difficult stage.

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