Welcome to the KHC Women’s Blog


Welcome to the re-opening of KHC Women’s Ministry blog!

My name is Janna and I will be one of the fingers-typing-at-a-keyboard behind khcwomen.com. Let me take some time to explain our heart for you and how we pray you use this blog.

Our family usually attends the Saturday evening service. Being the extrovert that I am I think I could arrive ten minutes early, worship the LORD through song, learn about Him and His Word through the teaching, stay for tacos, and chat with you women and your families until the Sunday morning people show up. Then I would think, “Hey, it’s Cindy! I haven’t talked with her in a long time.” Before I knew it I would be in the Sunday morning service beginning all over again.

Of course, I don’t stay that long, so instead I do the best with the time I have. And this is what I end up with:

“Good morning, Pam! Oops. Excuse me, but my son is climbing into the baptismal fountain… Okay, sorry about that. How is your dad doing? Oh um, hold that thought… No, Honey, I don’t know where the six year old is. Have you checked the parking lot?”

Next I’ll see a woman I really want to know more about. After I get a child out from behind the sound desk I attempt at striking up a conversation with her before my introvert husband tells me he’s hungry and ready to go. I hold back from whining, “But we’ve only been here a couple of hours!” But I follow the family out to the car (where we find the six year old) and I’m left wondering how Pam’s dad really was doing and how I could help support her. Maybe that other woman had an awesome testimony to share with me and now I’ve missed out!

And here I get to just one of the reasons/goals of the blog. Imagine a venue in which we women can go deeper all week long? Imagine a place you can visit virtually when you have the time. You can take time to read a testimony from that acquaintance you always smile at but never get to know? The next time you see her at church you could skip the small talk and jump right into, “You know, I read your testimony online and I was so encouraged! I feel like that sometimes too! Let’s pray for each other this week. Can I call you on Tuesday to catch up?”

How about a resource for the upcoming KHC Women events? Is the Wednesday morning Bible study a place for you? Who else attends? What do they do there? What study are they going through? A goal is that this blog would be one of the resources that would tell you.

We want to have a blog that will equip you for the life you live outside of church. When you turn away from the computer and face that world of unbelieving coworkers or family who needs your servant’s heart we pray the information on this blog would encourage you to stay “on-mission”.

We pray for transparency in our written testimonies to break down fears that you were the only Christian to ever struggle with an unbelieving spouse or feel the pain and anguish as a parent or grandparent forgets who you are due to Alzheimer’s.

We want you to learn about ministries that are open to you and are looking for you.

But this is not my blog to you. This is your blog, so if you feel that God is asking you to write something for us I want to hear from you! My email is jsandproudtobe@yahoo.com. Don’t be that missing puzzle piece! 🙂

If you already have a Christ-centered blog you enjoy writing on let me know. We like to have an on-going blog roll for our sisters on our KHC Women facebook page.

I look forward to getting to know you all better and I’ll wave to you as I chase the toddler away from the church’s drum set and tell my hungry husband that I’m right behind him.

Have a God-filled day!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the KHC Women’s Blog

  1. Janna! So excited about this and what a blessing it was to sit at the table with you this morning at Moms United! Can’t wait to see all Gods stories shared through the women of Kings Harbor and beyond 😊

    1. We’re excited, too, Joy! If you ever want to share anything with us, including the story you shared with us today, let me know! I look forward to getting to know you more through Moms United. 🙂

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