Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep. Romans 12:15

 Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5b

In 2006 I had my first miscarriage. I was fourteen weeks along when we found out our baby had passed away. My faith in God did not die, but it was certainly challenged. While my heart was still God’s, parts of it seemed to crusty. The next couple of years brought the next couple of healthy children. But in 2010 we had a surprise pregnancy. I was so scared of going through another heart-breaking experience that I decided to threaten the Creator of the Universe. I told God quite firmly that if He ever did that to me again we were going to have serious problems! Well, the weeks passed and everything looked good. Week twelve passed, thirteen, my magic number fourteen passed. Week fifteen. I lost my second baby. This time as my heart wept and my mind raced with memories of all we had been through I ran to God. I no longer place hands on hips when speaking to the Almighty. I’ve learned to live with hands raised to God in surrender and praise rather than in a bratty ultimatum.

If you’ve ever had a miscarriage our heart is for you. There are so many of us out there and yet there is no clear place for us. It’s not something we talk about. Then where do we go when we need help getting through these nightmarish memories? We go to each other. We go to God.
I asked Kathryn Thomas, who will also be joining us at the Miscarriage Care Community, to write an invitation for all of you who want to join us.

From Kathryn Thomas:
Have you had a miscarriage or a still birth?  And feel ready to let go and let God. Come join us for the next six weeks starting June 9th to let the healing begin.
Any questions or concerns contact Janna Saavedra. Other wise I look forward to seeing you at Kings Harbor church, 7:00 June 9th. God bless and know you are not alone.

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