Refuge (Monday, June 10th @ 6:45pm-8:30pm)

Refuge is this Monday, June 10th, at 6:45pm. Our fearless leader, Suzie Lind, describes Refuge: We take our refuge in the One true God, approaching Him with a sense of awe, appreciating that we stand in the presence of something holy and realizing that we will be transformed. Refuge is a drop-in/stand-alone time of Bible study, community and worship. Each month presents a study relevant to our church-wide series, allowing you the opportunity to engage deeply in the Scriptures and be challenged to walk in truth.
Refuge this month will taught by Melanie Anderson and she will be teaching on the book of Jonah.
I spoke with Melanie today to pick her brain and her heart on what we’ll be hearing this Monday night.
Talk to someone who doesn’t usually come to Refuge. What is Refuge and why would they be interested in coming
Refuge is a unique time for women to come together and bond with each other while they connect over the Word of God.
Jonah is such a well known book. What would you say to someone who might might write off the subject as a “I know that already”?
We all know that God’s Word is alive, living, and breathing. I’m confident in the fact that God is going to take us deeper and reveal more about ourselves while looking at a story that we all know so very well.
While digging into Jonah to prepare for Refuge did you see something you had never noticed before?
Oh my gosh, yeah! While I’ve always known Jonah to be a book describing the journey of obedience, this time God has shown me there’s also a huge lesson on the matter of our heart’s condition (and His) – how we can have HUGE faith, but little heart.

I’m not a Refuge regular, but you can be sure I’ll be there on Monday! I hope to see you!

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