Summer Parent Partnerships (part 5)


Benefit #4: You will greatly bless the parents and you will greatly blessed by the parents.
Yesterday the benefit was blessing the children. Today we move onto the adults.
If you are a parent you know how important it is to be fed by corporate worship, prayer, and the message. Now… the downside to the Summer Parent Partnerships (SPP) is if the class isn’t filled with volunteer teachers… the class… is… CLOSED! In that situation children and adults will still be fed while in congregation, but can we just be honest and say it’s different? I appreciate the intention of Family Worship and I’m glad we do it, but half of my attention goes to listening to the sermon and the other half of is focused on the very fidgety six-year old and catching him before he shouts out, “When is he going to stop talking?” Yes, true story.
So, those of you who take the Truth and put in an age-appropriate setting and explain it in a way they can get what you’re saying… thank you! And for those of you who next to us while in Family Worship… sorry, we’re working on it. And for Pastor Chris, who was recently tackled by Alynna during worship… I’m really sorry – we’re working on that too.
To put it bluntly – we parents are blessed.
Why are you, the volunteer, blessed by the adults in the Children Ministry rooms? You might meet that family you see in the halls but never get the change or opportunity to meet.
Thanks to the Summer Parent Partnerships I met the Sheck family and the George family. (The summer I met the George family Kaeley was three-something and Nathan was a baby. Three year old boys were rolling all over the floor. Kaeley did not rough-house and I had no idea what to do with all these… boys! I looked up for help – stunned at their energy and almost appalled that they should act in such a way. Well, there’s Chad George, who already had two boys and, one up one me, was a boy himself, so after assessing the situation he threw himself into the noise and chaos with great vigor. I was able to make a beeline to the doll houses. That I could wrap my head around. I was very thankful for Chad.
Only God knows what relationships will abound through those two weeks.
PS. A first grader once told me, “Jesus died a long time ago. It was like in the 80’s!”

Sign ups are either at the CM welcome center or via email And remember this happy closing thought: If the classes aren’t filled, you might very well be sitting next to the six-year old. 🙂

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