Guest Post from Dee Gonzales – Puerto Escandido Update #1

The KHC Youth team and I arrived safely in Puerto Escondido with all our luggage but very tired and hungry on Saturday morning. Entering into a slower pace of life is very refreshing, it’s the time you can take on Sunday morning after church to enjoy friends and family without rushing off to the next event on your calendar. This morning we had a great worship time and word from Mando and it was wonderful to  reconnect with the women I met last year, like Alejandra. I was blessed to meet Alejandra last year at the women’s bible study here in Puerto and she participated in an illustration I was using for intercessory prayer. We bonded very quickly that night as the girls and I served the ladies through a foot washing and painted toes ceremony. All year Alejandra was on my mind and each time I would lift her and her family up in prayer though I was not aware of any specifics, I just felt the need to pray for her. At our Women’s retreat I spent some time with Myra catching up with her and the women of her bible study and was able to get an update on my friend. 
Today at the services of El Faro, Brendan Heffernan  and I appointed ourselves as greeters and welcomed everyone who came. I was so happy when Alejandra walked through the gate with her family. We hugged like long lost friends and spoke briefly before church. After the services we were able to talk more, which allowed me to share that God had kept her on my heart which was an encouragement to her, but also to me in being obedient to God.  
This evening we had baptisms down at the beach along with a potluck dinner. One of Alejandra’s daughters (Natasha) was being baptized and it was exciting to see the whole family in the water supporting her.

Here is a picture of us at the beach.

Tuesday evening we will be meeting with the ladies of Myra’s bible study again. Please pray that we will be refreshing and encouraging to them

Adios mi amigas. Dee GonzalesImage

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