ImageIt is 10:28pm Wednesday night. That usually means I should be calming down and falling asleep in the next, uh, minute. Oh my gosh, now it 10:29pm. It’s so late!
But that doesn’t matter, because I can’t sleep. I can’t get too mentally stimulated before bedtime otherwise I won’t fall asleep for hours. Honestly that’s why I don’t usually attend Refuge; our teachings that late in the evening are the equivalent of my favorite Starbucks drink. What, you might ask, is the problem tonight? Tomorrow, at Vacation Bible School, the four of us Family Tent leaders will be presenting the Gospel message to the three hundred something children on site! I’m back to Oh… my… goodness!
Tomorrow is pressing hard upon my chest.
A little Lego friend and I will be acting it out. The Lego man will wallow in sin (mud clay) as I explain what sin is to groups of children ranging from Kindergarten to 5th grade. A chasm will be created by two books as I tell them our sin separates us from our holy (or clean) God for eternity. Now my little Lego man, who is on one book, can’t get across to the holy God on the other book. I tell them about Jesus – the cross that bridges the two books together. If only my Lego man weren’t so dirty with all his mucky sins. Enter the red water. The Lego man accepts that Jesus is God’s Son, knows he’s dirty, and washes in the Blood of Jesus. Now he is clean. He can now cross over the gap and be reunited with his Maker.
There will be eyes as big as saucers watching the “skit” acted out by their all-time favorite toy. There will be fidgety hands playing with the tent’s vinyl walls. There will be children forgetting themselves while they whisper a funny story to their neighbor. And there will be some hearts blooming like a white lily as they realize for the first time that their mud clay is keeping them from Jesus.
Many of our children at VBS are being raised in God-fearing homes. But there are many even within that group who have learned about Jesus all their short lives and don’t yet realize they haven’t been voluntarily washed in the Blood. If you get what I’m saying they know God, but they don’t know God. They’re waiting for that click.
And that’s what I’m praying will happen tomorrow. A click.
I know there is nothing I can say to make these kids get it. I’m not sleepless tonight due to stage fright. My little Lego man and I are both at the mercy of God on this one. And I also know that if some of them don’t get that click there will be that “second chance”. That “forty days” talked about by Pastor Chris this past weekend. But tomorrow’s message is so important and so heavy on my heart that I’m already wondering what wee hour of the morning I’ll finally fall asleep! It’s the unknown. It’s the waiting on the LORD that’s keeping me up.
There are children that will be welcomed into a camping tent tomorrow and unbeknownst to them they will be stepping onto holy ground.
Whew! Okay, the heaviness has flowed from heart to paper. Now I might be able to fall asleep.
Please be praying for all of us at VBS tomorrow. The four Family Tent leaders, the Family Leaders, all those who interact with the precious eternal souls of young ones. Tomorrow we might have the privilege of welcoming some of them into the Kingdom of God.

One thought on “Now It’s 11:22pm!

  1. Don’t worry Mr. Lego man is all ready to go in your tent! 🙂 But more than that, the Lord is ready to move the hearts of the little ones toward Him and His love through you! Don’t underestimate what great and mighty things He can and will accomplish in and through you. I’m excited to see how He uses you tomorrow and will be especially praying for you in the Family Tents… And at the same time, I’ll also be ready to dump out and refill the red water after it turns into a mixture of mud and red water 😉

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