Guest Post from Paula Gooch – A Multitude of Praises (VBS update)


For VBS this year, I am one of the celebration worship leaders – I have a Grecian costume and everything!  My job is to lead the hand motions for the worship time for the beginning and ending of every VBS morning. And because I get to worship up on stage and I wear a fancy costume, it seems like a lot of the kids treat me like I am a “star”.

I must admit, I feel partly guilty.  I don’t have a very big job.  I don’t have that much stress in my duties for VBS.  I just go up on stage and do the hand motions for the worship songs.  Then, I get to walk around and wave “hi” to the kids and ask them what they have learned about.  I don’t really do much at all.  So, I feel kind of guilty that the kids are super excited to see me and they don’t seem very excited to see their family leaders. The family leaders do all the work – I just get to have fun with the kids; not fair, huh?  Well, at least that’s what I was thinking – and I do still feel that way.  But at VBS today, God gave me a change in perspective.

Years ago, when King’s Harbor used to meet at EV Free Church in Redondo, all of us elementary kids would get very eager about doing the hand motions to the songs at worship every week.  It was something I always enjoyed.

So, today as I looked out toward the room filled with many kids & family leaders in matching blue t-shirts, bandannas, & name tags; craft helpers, food servers, & tent leaders in costumes galore; and wide-eyed watching parents, God gave me a really great sensation – and I can’t even explain it!  It was another reminder that we are the Body of Christ – and I cherish the opportunity I had to see the Body worshiping the Lord together in such a way.

I was reminded of how thrilling it was as a kid to do hand motions at church every week.  And I realized as I looked out at the sea of many faces, that they were ALL participating in the hand motions.  (And let me tell you, I could really see it when everyone raised their hands to the sky for “We will Live Forever – Because of Jesus!”)  It was really neat to see the Body of Christ coming together to worship the Lord – through song and through dance.

I am glad that I have the job I do at VBS because I get to see the many enthusiastic faces of the 300 kids and the 130 team members as we all shout out, “Get up, Get up and Tell the World!”  I still do feel a little guilty, but I am so thankful that God gave me the opportunity to see the Body manifested in such a way.  We are many members making up one Body.  I’m sorry to say that you can’t all be Grecian “stars”, but I’m thankful to each and every one of you for the important role you play in VBS.  Perhaps the kids don’t get so excited to see you, but I am REALLY EXCITED I get to see you praise the Lord with me!

P.S.  Yes, some kids do really think that I’m like a star.  One little boy even asked me: “Are you real?”  I answered quite shocked, “Well, yes of course I am real!”  My answer was confirmed by his family leader touching my arm – “Oh yes – she’s real!”  I think that was able to settle his doubts of my existence.

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