Community Park Day on July 11th



School is out. Summer has begun. Now what to do with the kids… Well, have no fear, because I’ve got one of those days covered!

This year I am hosting a Community Park Day at Alta Loma Park in Torrance from 10:00am until 1:00pm. Of course, you can come and leave whenever. This is not a KHC Park Day. This is a Community Park Day, which means invite anyone you like hanging out with that might enjoy hanging out with all of us. This means in-laws, grandmothers, Joy Steed (but I think she’ll be at Royal Family Kids Camp), mothers of young kids, mothers of old kids, etc. I will personally be inviting three of my favorite neighbors.

Come with your picnic lunches, chairs or blankets, sunscreen, and outside toys. Alta Loma is a great place for scooters and bicycles, sports, etc. And maybe… just maybe… if a certain mother gets her act together there might be water balloons and a bubble machine.

One thought on “Community Park Day on July 11th

  1. Janna you are right I would love to come and hang out with all of you!! What a great idea, I will be at Royal Family that day but will be praying for you and all that come… Your neighbours and others – that the time will be sweet, fun and that there will be memories that linger well beyond that day 🙂

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