Write the Story for His Glory (part 1)


The fact that my current ministry is the Women’s Ministry blog is close to humorous for me.
I barely passed my high school English courses. My failure came from a disdain for the often highly inappropriate required reading, my frustration over symbolism, and the fact that homework was involved. I am still perplexed all these years later over a short poem about a golfer who looks up to watch a flock of seagulls fly by over head. What was that supposed to mean? Classmates would come to this Jesus Freak asking if there was a religious message their heathen minds weren’t catching on to. All I could answer was, “I sure hope not.”
After high school I received an Associates of Science from El Camino and became a sign language interpreter. My job was to take someone’s information and transfer it into a language the recipient could understand. I created nothing. I only transferred information.
I did take one creative writing class at the community college. It was there I discovered two important truths. First was I had an addiction to unneeded commas (my short stories came back riddled with red pockmarks that highlighted every last comma splice). The second was that I was not good at creating stories. It just wasn’t my area of expertise. It still isn’t.
My area of expertise, finally discovered all these years later, is in being myself. I like taking experiences from my life and transferring it into a different language, per say, onto paper for other people to read. And I have a great urge to be honest in my writing. I don’t mind others knowing that I am not the perfect mother or that my house is usually covered in a layer of mess or that God meets me in my superficial ruts. Because the goal is for readers not to see ME but to see the gracious GOD who loves this sinner unconditionally and who teaches her and moves her and matures her. Just like He is doing with you.
But what is He doing with you? What is He teaching you? What has He brought you through?
Several of weeks ago I went on a campaign to get you involved in the Children’s Ministry Summer Parent Partnerships. What should you expect in the upcoming weeks? Welcome to the “Write the Story for His Glory” campaign!

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