The Risen Christ (Cindy Kaney)


Cindy Kaney is lovingly teased by her fellow art students as being a very slow and careful painter. The “newbie” painter (having taken an art course for the past two to three years) even referred to her blank canvas as “this big white thing” and she is not one to loosely splash colors willy-nilly. Instead this pastor’s wife is careful with her choices, using small strokes and even smaller brushes. In a six-week art course, while others might finish two or three paintings, she averages one finished work. She seems to accept this with grace. It’s just who she is.
This story tells of how her picture on the KHC art wall was painted.
Cindy had heard of the upcoming art show on the “I Ams” of Christ, but after some prayer and thought into the matter inspiration was still lacking. She decided this was not something God had planned on her to participating in.
That Tuesday before the art show our “newbie” painter went to her weekly art class ready to slowly begin another work. The teacher displayed a Rembrant (who’s birthday “just happens” to have been this past Monday)Ā masterpiece of a man. After the lecture on time period paintings one might see while studying the great masterpieces the teacher instructed the class to mimic the style of this Rembrant piece with the dark colors and a focus of light in one area.
Our beloved artist, usually slow and careful with colors and strokes, began painting. It wasn’t long before she felt that something was different about this painting. How was it that she finishing it so quickly? And it was coming out surprisingly well!
At the end of class she did something she doesn’t usually do. She brought the small canvas home with her and continued painting. Two hours later the painting done.
Cindy stepped back to marvel at her work. She had finished the painting in one evening and it turned out great! She knew this was a work of the Holy Spirit. Knowing this was something different than the usual she decided to research the work the teacher had displayed. In a book of Rembrant given to her recently by a good friend, she found the original masterpiece. It was entitled “The Risen Christ”. And that’s when God told her she would be bringing her small canvas to the art show for the Friday viewing. She cocked her blond head to one side while telling me the story and said, “Really, God?” His reply was, “Yes, really.”
And so it is that the small canvas, still wet, was hung on the church’s art wall that Friday with paint still drying. It represents the “I Am the Resurrection and the Life”.
Our gifts are not our own. We are all empowered by the Holy Spirit and are to watch and wait expectantly for Him to work. That’s what Cindy did. We know The LORD blessed Cindy through that experience and we who have seen Christ’s face in the painting are blessed. Who knows who else will be blessed by her willingness to follow the call? Maybe a classmate? Maybe the teacher who is searching out the unseen and seems drawn to your faith.
We who are followers of this Christ are vessels filled with this working Spirit. But it takes a response. It takes a “yes”. It takes courage. It takes a willingness to paint like we’ve never painted before. Then we are to step back and enjoy the show.

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