Refuge: Taking Our Thoughts Captive – A Conversation with Abigail

ImageTerry Higgins is our guest speaker at this month’s Refuge. She will be talking about practical ways to capture our thoughts by using  the power of “God habits” in our mind.  Using the  curious yet powerful story of Abigail and David from 1st Samuel 25:2, Terry will delve into their story and connect it to our ever-present battle in our mind.

We also have planned a lively panel discussion where you will learn how other women have overcome their fears through transforming their mind, freeing them to be an “Abigail” to others.  

Our desire is to stir your hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit, to create Godly habits, conquer your fear, and stay on course in drawing nearer to God.

To reserve your spot or share the invitation with friends please visit our facebook page. And if you don’t RSVP… that’s okay! 🙂 See you Monday!

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