What is Moms United? – Carolyn Bennett

I was just barely 20 years old as I laid in the hospital bed looking over at God’s beautiful creation.  He was perfect, 7 pounds 9 ounces and pink.  It was absolutely amazing.  That was when I began to panic.

He’s mine, I am his mom.

How can I be good enough to take care of him?  What happens if he gets sick?  What do I when he won’t sleep?  My thoughts slowly overtook me… ; I was completely overwhelmed.

Then I blinked.

I was never prepared for what happened next.  My boys experienced life, real life.  They experienced deep hurt and failures while trying to learn how to cultivate healthy relationships.  They learned the meaning of their words the hard way and their bodies and maturity grew.  They began to flourish into young men as I watched helplessly from the sidelines, praying for them, coaching them, and loving them.

Two years ago when my children were 17, 15, 8 and 2, God called me to lead a group for moms that were in this “next step” of motherhood.  I had a passion for moms that were just like me, blindly growing into this role of being a mother of teenagers and adolescents.  Our children were no longer babies and toddlers.  They had real feelings and were dealing with exposure to the hard stuff; drugs, alcohol, pornography, body image, personal failure, and never being good enough.  There was an ocean of moms who felt they could not do enough to help their children.

God is enough.

I had been called by God; I listened and I obeyed.  I met with Suzie and Moms United was born, just as my first son was.  And just as I knew on that day almost 20 years ago that God was in control, I knew that His hand was in this and that Moms United would be used to advance His kingdom.  Eight godly mentor moms are currently serving in this group and are rich in wisdom right out of God’s word.  Our leadership team is amazing; our speakers are lined up and ready to make us laugh, cry and be encouraged.

Registration opens on August 15th

Moms United intends to equip mothers with kids who are 5-18 by drinking God’s Word, cultivating healthy relationships and living by example to disciple our children well.  All of us need prayer, support and friendships with other moms who understand what we are going through.  At the end of the day, it always comes back to God’s word and his promises, because He is enough.

Her children arise and call her blessed. Proverbs 31:28

Contact Carolyn Bennett with any questions at Carolyn@eatgoodstuff.com

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