Cindy Rimmer’s Step of Courage

ImageCindy was sitting in the congregation of South Faith Academy (homeschool support group and co-op, aka SBFA). After prayer, one of the leaders stood up and announced, “The new director of Academy Day 2 is… Cindy Rimmer!”

Cindy woke up.

So the answer was yes. God wanted her to step out in courage and do a job she never thought she was capable of doing – leading, praying out loud, and… most amazingly of all… speaking in front of a crowd!

Cindy Rimmer was raised in a Christian home. She was known even then as a shy child. As an adult she had a faith that she describes as “pretty big” with always “room to grow”. She loved The Lord, always would, but her life was bordered by fear. She recoiled at the thought of speaking in front of people, using microphones, sharing personal information in group settings, and taking a leadership role of any capacity. She made a good follower; leader she was not.

When opportunities came her way that were a challenge to natural tendencies, especially something that entailed praying or speaking in a crowd, Cindy would shrink back, sure that The Lord knew she couldn’t do it. It was The Lord, after all, who had made her like this. If He knew her capabilities, then He wouldn’t expect her to move much outside of her comfort zones. She would tell herself, “I’m just not good at that…” But she didn’t often pray about whether God was asking her to take the burden and trust in Him alone.

In January most of the SBFA former leadership had officially stepped down. As talk of who would take their place commenced Cindy herself wondered who would step up. In January of 2011 the SBFA board met to discuss the upcoming changes. After much prayer, the board members were asked to write down some names of people they would consider taking the lead role. Unbeknownst to Cindy, her name was on every list.

Kris Eller, SBFA elementary school principal, said she would ask Cindy to take the job. When asked what Plan B was Kris replied with confidence they didn’t need a Plan B. Cindy would say yes.

But when asked if she would take the position Cindy didn’t say yes. Then again, she didn’t say no either. While inwardly she was shouting, “This is ridiculous! This doesn’t fit any of the things I’m good at!” But outwardly she would say something new. She said, “Let me pray about it and I’ll get back with you.”

Cindy found a unit of prayer warriors to beseech the Father to show His will. She sought wise counsel from friends and her family. The underlying feeling of peace and all wise counsel coming back with, “You can do that!” pointed her towards an answer of yes.

But finally, as a last fleece set before The Lord, Cindy asked if God would confirm through a dream that He indeed intend her to step into this new role. And so it was on that clear night that God answered her prayer. “The new director for Academy Day 2 is… Cindy Rimmer!”

Cindy Rimmer, the always quiet and shy woman of God, stepped forward and said yes. She said yes to the unknown. She said yes to the uncomfortable.

And one might wonder how that first year turned out. Did she have legs of noodle and shaky voice every time she stood in front of the congregation? While still a bit nervous every time she made announcements or prayed in front of the many squirmy children and prayed for struggling parents, her foundation was peace. She learned to say, “I don’t know. Let me pray about it and I’ll get back to you.”

Because of that step of courage (prompted by the Holy Spirit) Cindy has a deeper understanding of who God is. He is who He says He is! He keeps His promises. He proved to her that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. She learned to take that first step, the step of saying, “Yes!”

Now, we, Sisters, are not called to say, “Yes!” to everything put before us, but might there be an opportunity before you right now that you have written off because you have assume that you can’t do it? Try: I’ll pray about it and get back to you.” And see where The Lord will take you!

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!” Philippians 4:13

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