My Prayer for the Homeschooler

Coffee with Bible

It’s that time of year again. My mind has to switch from the lazy joys of summer to the beautifully challenge of multitasking the home-education of four children, ranging from nine to two. The goal is no longer getting the six-year old to soccer camp on time, but how to perform more than two Science experiments this year. I now search on Pinterest for tutorials on how to make miniature catapults for our study on medieval times. I have high hopes of getting the nine-year old caught up in Math without stressing over the world’s standards of what “caught up” actually means. My head is spinning with the excitement of starting, so to speak, with a blank sheet paper (and a new mechanical pencil with an eraser that’s not half eaten… I love new beginnings!). And yet I know, like with most New Year’s Resolutions, my New School Year’s Resolutions are likely to morph from a list of “goals” to a comfortable “this is who we are” family. We are the Saavedras. We homeschool. We venture to teach our children to the best of God’s provision in knowledge and resources. We are capable and clueless at the same time. And the new school year is upon us.

This is my prayer for the family who has been called by the One Worthy of Praise… to homeschool:

God, these children are Yours alone. We are weak, but You are strong. We have ideas and goals, but You have the fore-sight and knowledge of what is to come. Whatever is set before us we know You have predestined.

Wake us in the quiet mornings. May our first rays of light come from the Son. May our first breaths of relief and courage and joy come from the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Bring us to the Well of Living Water in the stillness before day breaks and little eyes flicker open.

And when the rush of breakfast and housecleaning begins be that Rock on which we stand. Teach us to meditate on You through the peals of laughter and endless questioning and screaming.

May Your Word be the first book opened at school’s start. You know where we are and where we are going, so I ask that above all else we Guides open the Word according to Your Will. Speak with whispers into the hearts of our children. Let Truth be built in these young years.

Help us, as Home Educators, to study our children for You have made them to be. Save us from running after test scores and standards. Let us, instead, be confident that You will fill in the gaps and use our children as You have intended.

Be our inspiration.

Remind us to praise you in the moments of success and to fall to our knees in times of anger. In times of strife or frustration put Yourself before our eyes. Calm our fears. Help us to fall wholly on You and rest.

We ask that Your light shine and Your name be made great as we live out our daily life – at home with each other, while interacting with neighbors, as we run through museum halls and farm fields, in conversations with strangers we meet in stores. In all things be glorified.

We thank you for the children which you have granted us. We admit that we are weak, but You are strong. We are dust, but You are Life. You are the life to its fullest. We give You this year. Take it and mold it. Take us and mold us. Teach us.

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