Stand Strong, A Message for Public School Families – Sarah Kroon


It is a simple phrase, only two words “Stand Strong” but it is NO simple thing.  The song that is frequently playing in our car is the VBS song “Stand Strong…when life changes, Stand strong with the ups and downs…Stand Strong ‘cause GOD IS IN CONTROL!” As my kids were singing this song the other day I realized this “kid’s song” has a big message to adults too!

I am a kindergarten teacher in a public school right here in Redondo Beach.  We are a church with many different life stages, many different family sizes, and many different schooling options. What a blessing to have so many differences- yet we are all together!

From the heart of a teacher, today I want to give a shout out to those families who have chosen Public School for their family  and say, THANK YOU! I am so thankful for you! Thankful you are “standing strong” at our schools.

Every day I open my door and open my heart to twenty-five six year old children with whom I am privileged to embark on this journey. The journey ahead is, of course, educational, but it is also relational. A good relationship with the child and the parent is critical to my job being done well.  God has put these families in my room for a reason and I don’t take that lightly! I am thankful for them, blessed they are trusting me with their precious child, and honored to let Jesus’s light shine through me. With all the relationships I make, I am so thankful. When I find out there are other Christians in my room, I’m encouraged knowing there will be MORE of Jesus in my room!

As a teacher I can only connect so much…but as a parent you can connect even deeper! Parents connect to each other through “play dates”, talking outside the rooms, in the workrooms, and getting involved in the PTA etc. Knowing Jesus’s love is being spread not just through me- but also through you as parents is AWESOME!

My encouragement to you is to STAND STRONG!

  • STAND STRONG in relationships! Make lots of connections J
  • STAND STRONG in the classroom– get involved, volunteer
  • STAND STRONG in the school. Go deep, be a part of the PTA, go the meeting where decisions are made, speak up and share what God puts on your heart!
  • If you God has led your family to public school, STAND STRONG in the decision you are exactly where God has you and your kids! You are a blessing to the teacher, to the school, and to all the families.

Every year, we all make a decision based on how God is leading us to educate our kids. No matter what your choice is, I want to THANK YOU for remembering our ever present God is in the Public Schools- and encourage all those who are there with Him, this is an opportunity to be on mission.  What a good time and place for you to share Jesus! Blessings to you and your family this 2013-2014 year!

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