Moms in Prayer


As a public/private school family, you may have wondered how to get more involved on behalf of your child, their teacher, the school, and the spiritual warfare that wages. Shannon Zambriski, mom of two school-aged children, wondered the same.

When her two children, Grace and John, were at Anza Elementary she and a friend started a group of prayer, known as Moms in Prayer, at the school. Moms in Prayer is an international non-profit whose vision statement is “…that every school in the world would be covered in prayer.”

The group was not allowed to meet on the public school campus not were they allowed to openly advertise. However, a surprisingly large number of women met each week at a woman’s house. They lifted up the needs of their family, their children’s teachers, and the school at large.

What a joy it was to see answers to those weekly prayers! Fighting school committees, which the group prayed for often, came to an understanding by the end of the year. The sons and daughters, who been lifted up weekly, began speaking boldly to their classmates.

After three years at Anza, the family switched to a private faith-based school. Shannon thought the idea of an official prayer group was a bit redundant at this point. It was a school with a curriculum and routine focused around the Gospel, so where was the need for intercession, right? Thankfully, a mentor (who herself was heavily involved in the ministry when her kids were school-aged) encouraged her by saying the private schools need it even more than public.

She was right, of course. We all know that there is one who desires to have our children and their faith destroyed (1 Peter 5:8). What better place to squelch their Life than in a faith-based school where backs are possibly turned and shields are down? The sounds of battle ring out at every where the Christian family goes! Should these mothers at the private school not strap on the Shield of Faith and not wield the Sword of Truth with even more conviction then before?

Shannon Zambriski, after some beseeching the Father, began a Moms-in-Prayer group at the private school. This time she was allowed to openly advertise and use the campus. However, the group was small. And while the women had a heart for their children and the school’s best interest, many of them seemed young in their faith.

The hour in which the group meets is structured to mimic Jesus’ prayer found in Matthew 6. It begins with “Father, hallowed be your name.” It is a time to praise God for who He is. Not what He does, but Who He is. And yet, the women were often silent. The mentor who encouraged her to begin a group said that, in her experience, it has always been a struggle. We, as children of God, are quick to bring supplication and thanksgiving for provision, but are often a bit slow when it comes to appreciating the vast characteristics of our Father.

So Shannon came to an understanding that, as a leader of a prayer group at a private school, she was to be as on-mission as she was before.

And two years later the answers to a group coming together in prayer continue to come. A teacher that made many mothers a bit wary quit in favor of a different job. And the one that touched Shannon’s heart the deepest? Her daughter, who was struggling to find her place in a new crowd, found a friend with a fellow Believer in her class. Hallelujah!

 Pray then like this:

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name.

Your kingdom come, Your will be done,

On earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts,

As we also have forgiven our debtors,

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Matthew 6:9-13

Visit to find a meeting at your own school or to begin a new group.

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