GriefShare – Laurie Sargent

Bleeding Heart

Losing a loved one is the most difficult thing a family can experience. When my husband took his own life a year and a half ago, it was devastating for me and my two teenage kids. As Believers, we definitely experienced the Lord’s presence in a peace that enveloped us from the moment we received the news, but the day-to-day process that begins at that moment is so overwhelming that it knocks you to your core. That process should not be navigated alone. Although I was unsure about attending Griefshare, I decided to try it. I am so glad that I did. There is something about being with others who are experiencing similar emotions  that is comforting during times of confusion and sadness. It is important to know that death is part of life and that life can go on after tremendous loss. The Griefshare videos and group discussions that came after the videos were so helpful to me. The people in the videos shared their feelings and discussed the process that they went through to recover. Hearing about their experiences gave me tremendous comfort and hope that my kids and I would come through our season of grief as well. I learned that no emotion or experience is abnormal or wrong. Everyone grieves at a different pace and in different ways and it is important that my kids and I each be allowed to grieve in the way that we needed to. I highly recommend Griefshare to anyone who has experienced a loss.  I know people who have never allowed themselves to grieve fully and they still carry the weight of the loss they experienced.  Grieving is part of the process that moves us forward and cannot be avoided. Griefshare provided amazing insight and tools that will help any person who is walking through periods of loss. The process helped me to become stronger by walking through the grief, not try to go around it. I have a better understanding now about what I have been through and I believe it has helped me to help my kids navigate their own grief in ways, I could not have without Griefshare.

GriefShare starts on October 10th at 6:30pm in Classroom 7 (formerly known as Sonrise Chapel). It is a 13 week class and can be joined at any time in those 13 weeks. The cost is $15. For more information contact Allyce Mullenbach at

To go here to learn more about Griefshare as an organization.

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