I Am Thankful – Victory Ludwig

When I started reading “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp (which took me nearly 16
months to finish!), I was struck by her insight and perspective on life.
Albeit, her writing style is way fancier than mine (and way over my head at times!), but the biggest take-away for me, having finished the book almost 2 years ago, is STILL how much our perspective has to do with our gratitude.
She mentions coming home late one night and seeing the pile of clothes in
their mud room that have been shed and neglected by her 6 (SIX!) children.
And rather than allowing frustration and the calculation of the additional laundry to overwhelm her, she chooses to stop and thank God for the 12 hands
and 12 feet that can outfit those clothes and play wildly in the outdoors.
She chooses to focus on the big-picture blessing, rather than getting bogged down by the momentary effect it may have on her routine or expectations.

That being said, I am thankful for the 8 little (and 4 big!) hands and feet
that make my floors dirty and leave crumbs on my couch. I am thankful for
the ways I see God in them, when I take the time to look. And I am thankful that they help me remember what it is to work out my faith and allow it to refine me. I am thankful that they remind me that we are living messy and
full lives, and we are better because of it.

I am thankful for a God that pursues us, and for a God that allows us the
time and space to work through life’s lessons. I am thankful for His
patience with me, the stubborn woman that I am. I am thankful, for the
choice we have to live a life that can truly be spirit-led. I am thankful
that He is showing and teaching women around me that can fill my ears and
heart with the truth of what it means to be a woman who fears the Lord.

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