Give Thanks!

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! Psalm 107:1


I’ve been thinking lately about how I live life – do I celebrate it every chance I get or do I just muddle through and miss all that God is trying to show and teach me. You know this whole “living life to the full” thing. Some days, actually more days then not, I muddle through, dragging my feet, often thinking if only I had, if only I was, if I only I could. I am “if onlying” myself to death – emotional and spiritual death. I am not celebrating I am merely moving without noticing the gift in the moment whatever it may be. I am rushing through life thinking that the next day, month, year, phase will be better, easier, have more time for me in it but what if right now is that time, the better, richer, easier and I am missing it?

I love the written word. I feel blessed when I read words rich in meaning, words that soak my soul and often have me closing the cover of whatever it is I am reading with a mix of joy and sadness that the author, someone who has never met me knows me so well. In celebrating this month of thanks and purposefully trying to make it a daily, not just a “for the month of November” thing I am seeking out books that that speak to that. In her book Cold Tangerines, Shauna Niequist writes about life, short essays that walk you through moments in life where she found joy mixed in with the hurt, disappointment, the unexpected and the ordinary. Her stories made me laugh and cry but most importantly I found these stories made me want to celebrate a bit more, enter into each day with expectation of what God will show me – the gift of today, which is an cause for celebration.  She writes:

“If I gave you a sweater, and you loved it, I would know because you would wear it so much you’d be on the verge of wearing it out, because you loved it that much.  It would be the sweater you wear on Christmas and to get coffee and that you sleep in sometimes and that you drag around in the back of your car and tie around your waist.  It would start to smell like you, and it would get snags and get all stretched out, and just looking at it would make you tell a thousand stories of where it’s been and who you’ve been in it.  That’s what I want my life to be, like a well-loved gift.  I think life, just life, just breathing in and out, is a great gift.  God gives us something amazing when he gives us life, and I want to live with gratitude. I want to live in a way that shows how much I appreciate the gift. If life were a sweater, I would wear it every day. I wouldn’t save it or keep it for a special occasion. I would find every opportunity to wear that sweater, and I’d wear it proudly, shamelessly, for days on end.”

God has given me this gift of life, the very one I am living right now and I want to wear it well, celebrate the simple and wrap myself in the moments that take my breath away, that make me cry, the moments that have me on my knees holding on to nothing but Him who gave His life so I could have mine.

About joymsteed

"This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:4 I love this verse but the problem is I, more often than not, spend so much time rushing through the day that I don't think I really embrace what God is telling me through this verse. So, I am deciding to stand still or at least go slow and enjoy the days and the blessings that come, all of them; the ordinary and the extraordinary, the hard and the good, catching the moments wrapped up in each and giving thanks for the journey I am on. I am blessed to venture forward with my husband of 20 years and our two daughters, life has been hard and good and taken us places we never imagined we would go - both standing still and moving. God has been good and now as we enter a new stage, that point where our family road begins to have forks that are leading our girls to begin chapters in their stories that are separate from our story and although this excites me it also makes me wonder what's next for this mom, where do I go from here and what will this next chapter look like for me? I don't have the answers yet, what I do know though is that God is good and I know that He is going to lead and I will obediently follow, leaning in, standing still and rejoicing in the days ahead, the good and the hard days, the ordinary and the extraordinary days and the blessings wrapped in each. Thanks for stopping by and joining in my journey!

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