The Thanksgiving Story, Part 2

Part 2 of Thanksgiving Story

In 1605, six Patuxet Indians, living in current Cape Cod, were taken captive by an English explorer. One of the Indians was a young twenty-year old man we now know as Squanto. The group was taken to England and taught the language in order to be questioned on the New World’s coastal opportunities – where to settle, which Indian tribes were friendly to white men, etc.

Nine years later Squanto met the well-known Captain John Smith, and agreed to work for the explorer in exchange for passage back to his much missed homeland and people.

In 1614, the Smith-led fleet of ships landed off Cape Cod. Squanto was overjoyed to finally be back home! His joy wasn’t to last long. Smith left a certain Captain Hunt behind to dry animal hides, but Hunt had a different, more lucrative, method of money-making in mind. Captain Hunt re-captured Squanto and twenty other Patuxet Indians.

The Indians were taken to Spain where they were sold through the slave trade.

Several were bought, and promptly freed, by Spanish friars outraged by the profitable market of human trading. They not only bought their freedom, but introduced the Indians to eternal freedom: Jesus Christ.

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