Revive… in 5 Weeks!


Noah Webster defines “Revive” as the following: “To recover from a state of neglect, oblivion, obscurity or depression.” says: 1. to activate, set in motion, or take up again; renew; 2. to restore to life or consciousness; 3.  to make operative or valid again; 4.  to be quickened, restored, or renewed, as hope, confidence, suspicions, or memories.

As we begin a new year of spiritual direction through our church’s theme “All Things New,” God is leading us to retreat next month with revival on our hearts.

Revival is often thought of as a stirring within a community or society that leads the people back to the Lord.  But here’s the thing… it begins with us. It starts with each of us individually.  If revival doesn’t happen in our own hearts, it won’t happen around us. 

Or if it does, we will miss it.

Jesus said, “Behold, I am making all things new.”

He didn’t say he was coming to make new things.

Therefore, what is already in existence is going to be revived… brought back to life…new…better than its existing condition.

So as we begin to look forward to February 7-9, how does your heart and soul need to be revived?

Begin by asking God… ask him to show you what needs to go to make a way for him to bring revival to you.

This is about you.  No one but you and Jesus.

If you haven’t already registered for Revive: Women’s Retreat 2014, you can do so here.

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