Melting Into a Heart of Flesh (Carolyn Bennett)


Melting Into a Heart of Flesh

A heart of stone, anger, rage, malice, slander & filth. All these years of heartache & pain, this is the temple that I have built.

It’s time to take my eyes off of me, time to see from His eyes. He is calling me higher, no more of the enemies’ lies.

I called and he answered, he came and rescued me. Now I will clothe myself in compassion, kindness, patience, gentleness, & humility.

Love, His beautiful love pierces my cold heart. And with only a fraction of hope my heart begins to melt, it starts.

Each piece crashes to the floor, representing all the hurt & bitterness. With my eyes lifted up, the tears begin to fall as my heart starts to drip, pouring in forgiveness.

I was battling you Lord all along, saying no to your promises and free love. Take now my new heart of flesh, bring me closer to you above.

Let the Peace of Christ rule in my new heart, help me to sing with gratitude to you. Remind me daily of this moment and give all the glory to you!

One thought on “Melting Into a Heart of Flesh (Carolyn Bennett)

  1. Thank you, Carolyn, for reminding us of God’s patient pursuit of us and His amazing love which melts this heart of stone.

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