Easter with Children


I like traditions.  I like predictability, and I like security.  But sometimes, I admit, I feel bogged down by the expectation that this year HAS TO look like last.  Perhaps it is the chaos of daily life in our full home, or maybe it is just my wiring… that being said, when asked to write a blog about Freedom, and also about Easter – I had to laugh.  Fortunately, that very morning I had come across a woman’s blog (more on that later) which had already gotten me thinking about what Easter would look life for us this Spring.

Our Savior died for us.  And He rose again.  This time of year celebrates the pinnacle of our faith, the depth of what it is to be a Christian.  It signifies our forgiveness, and more importantly our dire need for redemption.  So why then, do I find myself sometimes resisting the “have to”s of Easter? I am convicted to live every day in front of my children with our spirituality central to ALL we do.  I do my very best to model a life fully dependent upon Christ.  I couldn’t survive the morning routine some days without Him, hey – I barely survive some WITH Him.  My kids see me stop and pray when I don’t know what else to do. They hear my voice cover them in prayer on our drive to school.  We discuss truth and scripture when talking about how to deal with the inevitable drama that comes with having daughters nearing the end of elementary school.  We talk about heart issues, about truth.  They see me blow it, apologize and repent.

So, then – the question is, what do I do with my family during the Easter season?  Hmmm – well, because I walk in the freedom of who God made me, and where He has me RIGHT NOW, this year – this is what I HOPE to do.  I want to set out my little decorations – of things that remind me of Spring, and the newness that comes with this season.  Fresh. New. Life. Not only around us in the blooming trees and flowers, but in my own heart because I’ve been reborn and redeemed.  And I am trying desperately to model that to those who live life around me.

I came across this blog about using a dozen Easter eggs as a teaching tool about Easter.  I loved it. I love the imagery and the conversations that are likely to be set loose from this time together.  It takes some prep work on my part, but it all seems worth it.  I know for my kids, it is these kinds of things that they remember long after they’ve been lost in the mommy fog of my brain.  So, this is a goal.  Not because I want to be religious, but because I want to be purposeful.  And maybe it won’t happen next year, but it might be a sweet and tangible opportunity for us to talk about the amazing redemptive obedience that took Jesus to that cross.

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