Son Rise Service

When the sun comes up it will be the usual warm Southern California day, but for now Shannon and her family of four are all warmly dressed in coats and pants. The family parks the car, steps into the dark early morning and instantly take in the smell of salt water and fish the pier and ocean. She hears the familiar worship music in the distant, and she is comforted and exhilarated all at the same time. How many years has it been now since this family has made this same trek to Veteran’s Park for King Harbor Church’s Sunrise Service? She and Paul have lost count, but these two tall children now walking next to them used to be carried in car seats and draped with big fuzzy baby blankets. Later they would be dressed in pajamas and their short legs would run to keep up with their fast walking parents. Now those children are old enough to look forward to this early morning tradition. Even when the Zambriski family is out of town for Easter they request a sunrise service, so deep is their affection for this special time of greeting the rising sun.
The message begins, the worship is loud, and the dark of the morning is slowly chased away by the rising sun.
Shannon marvels, “Greeting the rising sun… Thanking the Risen Son.”
Doubting you could get the family up and out in time for KHC Sunrise Service this year? Here are Shannon’s tips:
Bring those sleeping pajama-clad babies just as they are. The fancy Easter clothes can come later.
Do as much as you can the night before. – Pack the purse and Easter basket, etc., dress younger children in the clothes they will be wearing the next day to make waking up and leaving fuss-free. Again, fancy attire can take place later as family tradition calls.
Take advantage of the free bagels provided by the church or start your own tradition of service first and IHOP later.
Look forward to a day with a heart set on worship and a nap in the near future.
For more information on the Sunrise Service or other Easter-related events hosted by Kings Harbor Church visit our website.

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